About Me
This section of my portfolio might be the most important of all… Its important to know who your photographer is whether its for your wedding or backyard family shoot. There’s a connection that has to be made because after all I will be documenting something as personal as your life. And if it’s done by someone who you have a connection with, it just is at another level all together. Imagine your life being captured by a friend, someone who gets you. At a wedding, the photographer almost becomes like part of the bridal party, so in lieu of that let me tell you some things about me before we meet… let me tell you who I am before we even get to package prices, hours and photo books 😉   2015-05-24_0001   My name is Rene Gomes. I am 30-something 🙂 I love movies, mismatched décor, getting lost in books and great music, antiques, scrapbooking, flowers and anything boho. I am a Pinterest addict and love inspiring quotes. I have a love-hate relationship with technology, I love what it can do for us, I hate what it’s taking away from us. My biggest dreams always involve travel. I’m obsessed with soft golden light. I am trying to live a gentle but passionate life. I am after adventure and experience and am determined to look back in my old age at wonderful memories and have a huge smile on my face for hopefully doing the gift of life justice. I will probably try anything… once I am a hopeless romantic and believe in true love (these are some of my favourite moments to capture) I love the movie “Maleficent” because it illustrated so beautifully that true love is not exclusive to princesses and princes but also to mothers and daughters, best friends, animals and humans, basically any relationship you can think of… I love cooking although Im not good at it I love crocheting even though Im mediocre at it I love humour and am very good at it 🙂 I have a thing for uniqueness and whimsy If I discover something I’m interested in in I explore it with ardour, hence my recent and massive make up collection 🙂 Although I love exploring any type of photography, my thing is definitely “people” even before I picked up a decent camera I always made sure that there was someone important in all my holiday photos as anyone could take a picture of the tourist attraction/sea/statue, but mine always had to be personal, with whoever I was with, in the frame. THEN it meant something. I consider it an honour creating memories for people, that’s basically all that we have left of our very busy crazy world that seems to be going by faster and faster.. These precious moments are too precious not to document…   “Die with memories, not dreams….” –Jim Rose