Sasha & Wesley Engagement- Loch Vaal

January 10, 2018
Aaaah I just love these two. I love what they do who they are, what they stand for, their dedication to health and living a very full life and actually taking full advantage of being so close the river. Like so many of us Vaalies don’t. Sasha and Wesley I’m so excited for your future together. You really seem to fit so well. Im so glad we could incorporate things in this shoot that mean alot to you guys as you start this journey of joining your lives together. Family home, the river, cycling, your dogs and a very tender beautiful love… Thanks for being such good sports with...
Mexican Styled shoot

January 04, 2018
I just love the warm bold colours of this Mexican Styled shoot. And hope it serves as inspo to anyone planning a Mexican inspired party or wedding. I love the rustic unapologetic boldness of beauty. Anchored in darker moodier colours. A big shout out to Kelly for the awesome make up and Chrystal Lace Stationary for the punchy stationary. My own mother for the awesome lily chandelier. Im so in love with the mesmirizing bunch of candles centrepiece, and rose petal “tablecloth”. Enjoy
Roxy Getting Married- Walkerville

December 30, 2017
Let me just warn you that there are very few photos of my gorgeous friend Roxanne’s wedding, you see this lucky fish has many talented people in her circle, that all did some photos here and there on this very relaxed, backyard, DIY brilliantly clever and cool wedding… This was my small section, I also tried out my make up skills on rox too. But I felt I had to put this tartan dream up! Love these punchy colours. Well done Rox. Many blessing to you and Freddles, I mean Fred.
Eunice & Rob- Wedding- Sunshine Studios

December 26, 2017
Ah if I can give anyone advice on a down day- go and watch these two lovebirds proposal flashmob in the middle of Melrose Arch. And that energy and passion and love they have for each other will instantly make you fall in love with them too. I had such a blast photgraphing this urban Johannesburg super cool wedding. Such great peeps, we felt part of the family instantly, and were cheering along for the tiny ringbearer and his pushwagon down the aisle, the selfie taking sister pastor, the amazing jhb skyline view, and the surprise first dance from Eunice and Rob themselves. Ag, I just know...
Pravashnee & Nikesh Engagement- Emmarentia

December 22, 2017
This was such a rainy afternoon, it was so unpredictable, but I had driven to Johannesburg, these two lovebirds were in their finest, Pravashnee even had her make up done and we just had to make it work. Luckily on my way to Emmarentia, this little resturant caught my eye, and i loved how welcoming it looked under the heavy dark clouds. I thought, hell why not shoot here, resulting in a two location shoot, “The Good Luck Club” seemed like a good omen, and was quirky and had little lights and cat knight wallpaper! It was cosy and just the refuge we needed during the storm. Shout...
Charne’ & Luca- Maternity

December 20, 2017
This is Charne and Luca you might remeber them from their engagement shoot.. To me these two feel like the real life version of my favourite childhood movie, “The Little Mermaid”, starring Ariel (Charne’s hair is better though) and her prince, cant remember what his name is, sorry Luca. lol. Well in this version, Ariel is now expecting a bundle of joy, and the story continues…. It was such a lovely wintery afternoon at emmarentia Botanical Gardens, yes, this what winter looks like in South
Alison & Matthew – Newtown

December 19, 2017
These two Canadians are travelling the world and were celebrating their stint in South Africa by making some memories in distinct urban Johannesburg. I loved the graffitti background, and was so proud to be South African, when chatting to them about their wonderful experiences in our country. I love the way these two do life, they have long time left… I wonder where they are now? One things for sure Im glad they have something to remeber us
A Preppy Summer Bachelorette Proposal

December 18, 2017
I remeber the planning that went into this styled shoot, it was a collaboration between myself and Rene du Plessis from Ophelia Paisley. We wanted to somehting for spring/summer with some fresh colours and decided on a citrus inspired palette. I wanted to do a throwback to when it was the epitome of cool to play tennis, so although modern looking there were some “good-old day” inspirations in here. This shoot was also to serve as inspiration to brides to spoil and do some proposing of their own to their very special girlfriends who are integral in supporting a bride leading up to,...
Ebony and Ivory

December 13, 2017
I know these two gorgeous girls personally, and I thought they would be so great together to photograph and test some makeup skills on, as they are so different, but also so the same. They obviously have different skin tones, and i wanted to celebrate it and showcase it. But personality wise, these two are both out there in different ways, lol. they both have zest for life, and somehow comand the attention in a room, people are just drawn to them. They are trendy and have this edgy effortless style. They are the same age… They both have a passion for helping people and caring for the...
Megan & Martin

June 05, 2015
What started as a facebook flirtation and progressed into milkshakes and Mugg & Bean, culminated into the most touching vows Ive ever heard and Im sure those that were there can agree, it wasa honour to hear such amazing hopeful promises being made between two people. I think more than just my throat was lumpy.. It was an amazing day I especially loved the Lemon Meringue Mugg & Bean cake cut with a special family heirloom and of course the best rocker Father Daughter dance ever! Wishing you guys all the best Martin and Megan....