May 04, 2015
Well our adsl is finally back on, and to celebrate have a peak of my friend Candice and her amazing rescue basset, Carter. Ive been dying to share these, i love dogs myself and its almost heart breaking how short their lifespans are, so i was super excited to capture some lifelong memories of this special gentleman in Candice’s life. These two were absolute naturals it was such a fufilling shoot. Thanks you two! your bond really touched me and Ronlyn (my fabulous assistant at this
Christine & Fabio

March 24, 2015
This was something a little different for me, we had arranged to do a nature inspired engagement shoot and after arriving at our location to find them closed despite confirming earlier in the week, we had to make a quick plan. I had always wanted to shoot around the Sasolburg Stadium and by a stroke of luck it was open! Luckily this easy going couple were flexible. Thanks you guys. But ultimately I think it might of been for the best because it made for some gorgeous imagery, with the school atheletes training in the background (we pretended they were our props) and the blue flooring, the...
Charne’ and Luca

March 05, 2015
I’m so lucky to have something to barter with and when I had the oppurtunity to “trade” an engagement shoot for the lovely Sasha’s Whisk’s sister Charne’, in exchange for a stunning birthday cake for myself I was more than excited to do so, lol. Cool arrangement. Little did I know how amazing this shoot would be. We met at Charne’s family home in Loch Vaal, next to the I must say “very green that day” Vaal River. It worked to our benefit though because it gave off the most beautiful turquoise colour on camera. Of course when i met...
Roxanne Maternity Shoot

February 26, 2015
Sometimes it’s a blessing to shoot someone you really know, very well. Because its validating, you know the person, you know the background, the story, their hangups and their personality. And then when you have the experience of the shoot and view the imagery it gives you confidence that yes it looks true. True to the person and the memory. Rox, you are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, you blow me away, and i’m so delighted with these photos. I hope you will cherish them. Caitlyn-Rose is such a lucky girl to have you and Fred for parents, so glad that I was able to have a small part in it!...
Claudio & La-Salette Engagement- Vaal Marina

January 14, 2015
We are so blessed to be photographing another family wedding later this year, this time Michael’s cousin La-Salette. La-Salette had some concerns before the shoot about Claudio being comfortable in front of the camera (and honestly which normal person is right?) but about 5 mins into the shoot i could see those concerns were for nothing as these two were so amazing at expressing their love for each other. It was so exciting to see the images unfold and such a great thought occured to me -that their children would be seeing these and I might be there when they ask “Were jumpsuits...
George Family Shoot

January 08, 2015
I love surprises and this shoot was a gift from my sister-in-law Andrea to her friends for Christmas. Judy was told to get ready for a date, a date making memories little did she know! I loved taking some of the first pics with this family of four complete with older brother Keagan visiting from Durbs. I was so cute to see how little Aiden has all 3 of them wrapped around his little finger and is the apple of everyone’s eye! Thanks so much for having in your home guys. I hope you treasure these memories! PS that little Yoda cap is the cutest thing
Anelda & Jacobus- Kiepersol, Parys

December 01, 2014
I still cant get over how awesome this day turned out, despite gale force winds and forecasted rain! It was an absolute stunner, from the colour scheme to the deor to the enthusiasm of the bridal party who created such a fun day! Loved all of you guys! Anelda, you are simply so beautiful inside and out and it was a honour to capture the love you and Jacobus share. I loved hearing the speeches andgetting to know you guys even better. PS what you “fun” people did to Jacobus when he tried to get to the garter- EPIC! Im in love with all these pics! enjoy them! Oh and a huge shout out...
Alayna’s family shoot

November 21, 2014
Was so thrilled to hear my friend, Ateeyah, had another child and a little girl, one of each! yay! I was even more thrilled to photograph this awesome family with their latest edition, Alayna. The easiest little baby girl ever! And she has stolen all their hearts, even her big brother Ziya’s. However in the “heart-stolen” race I think when looking back at the pics with her daddy, my heart was stolen too. You guys were amazing and I hope you can look upon this time with such FONDNESS. Much love,
Carol and Dirk | Three Rivers Lodge

November 12, 2014
Old Hollywood glamour was the theme of this wedding, it was such a great idea from Carol and Dirk. I especially loved the movie themed table names and the decor, but for me the vintage car and the popcorn confetti took the cake (pardon the pun) lol. We had such a great time and were so honoured to photograph this wedding, we knew from the engagement shoot already this one was going to be a “goody”. Mr and Mrs Vorster, you guys fit together like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks! (cheesy i know, but who doesnt love a bit of cheese right?) Thanks for having us you guys, we wish you all the...
Lwazi & Zanele- Balmoral Gardens

October 26, 2014
I’ve known Lwazi and his bros since high school, and have always beeen a fan of the Ntloko’s so i was so happy to be booked for this wedding. Zanele has such style, lwazi coming second in that department only just! I loved the pink felt boutonairres, the crystal tiffany chairs and of course stealing the show the peachy lacey second dress that Zanele wore knocked us out of our socks! I will never forget all the dancing that happened during this wedding! Such killer moves guys! And of course i had a little tear when you guys gave a layer of your gorge cake to all the elder women!...