Ronlyn, Andre & the puppies!

September 30, 2014
What a great idea by my friend Ronlyn to have a shoot for her beautiful lab, Jessie’s puppies before most of them leave to their new homes. If anyone knows Ronlyn you will know she is a major dog person especially labradors, and we’ve all been happily assaulted by Jessie and Chloe at her house and heard so many stories of their crazy antics, so although it has been puppy fever in the Diamond household for last few weeeks, its coming to a bittersweet end as I couldn’t help noticing a bit of emotion in my friend when talking about their departure. Ronlyn and Andre know each of...
Martin & Megan

September 15, 2014
The winners of our Blossom inspired shoot were Martin and Megan. And we had a ball playing around amongst the new blossoms that had just begun showing their very welcome little faces! I loved hauling out some pink antiques and that beautiful corsage and marshmallowy tulle skirt! But honestly most of all it was so touching to see the genuine love between these two. It was so pure to watch the expression on Martin’s face and the real smiles and giggles from Megan while they were whispering and making faces at each other during our shoot! I hardly had any “work” at all because...
West Coast Glamour

September 15, 2014
Finally managed to do my own post on our West Coast glamour shoot. This was such a dream to take part in and it is an experience that I will treasure for all of my days and look back on with such pride! This is the story of how it happened: I recently struck up a great friendship with make up artist, Rene du Plessis from Ophelia Paisley wedding supplier, and on a whim we decided to enter the South Bound Bride Styled shoot competition. The brief was that it should be South African in inspiration. We chatted and she told me of the time she lived in Langebann and her love for the West Coast, and...
Anelda & Jacobus Engagement

July 19, 2014
So thrilled to share this engagement shoot today. We again headed off to Parys, and enjoyed the paler gorgeous wintery afternoon light at Sunwa River Lodge. This time we combined the majestic rocky landscape with the grassy field leading up to it and i just love the contrast, the cobalt blue water and of course the love between these two. What I felt was so endearing was how utterly perfect and cute Anelda and Jacobus are when they are super close up, and the giggles that erupt from them are so heartwarming to see (definately their best moments). Anelda you are so beautiful I cannot wait to...
Sam & Angela- Sisters shoot

June 20, 2014
I’ve known these two gorgeous sisters for awhile now, and was super stoked when Sam approached me with this idea for a sister’s shoot! I knew it would be a winner as not only are they super beautiful but they have such a honest natural lovely interaction and have always secretly made me envy not having a sibling as close as them! Next best thing? Photographing some memories for them to treasure forever. I can just imagine when they are old frail and grey and bragging to their families with these pics of how cool they were in the good old days! Enjoy you guys and thanks for the...
Boho Styled Shoot

June 18, 2014
This shoot fills me with so much excitement! For many reasons! Let me share a few… 1.Boho is my heart, my soul. The philosophy of the creative, free spirited, of colour, of non-worldly things. It all resonates within me. lol. 2. I got to exercise a coupls of my interests besides photography, stationary, flower arranging, styling, crocheting, making dream catchers! I had a blast getting ready for this one! 3. I got to share this experience with my sister-in-law, Andrea (The dark haired model) and my good friend Lucille (Blondie). I cant believe that they aren’t pros they took my...
Marcella and Eugene @Midrand Conference Centre

May 24, 2014
Wow, what an incredible celebration of the lasting love that I know Marcella and Eugene will always have for each other. It was a union of not only two perfect for each other people but two wonderful families as well. You could not ask for a more beautiful chapel than the one at Midrand Conference Centre the colours and charm it exudes was absolutely beautiful. (I loved shooting in there! ) I loved seeing a splash of Forever New (Marcella works there- dream!) And her friends and collegues donned some of their amazing clothes which was so cool to see, not to mention Marcellas shoes! I loved...
Neo and Peter’s Lesotho Wedding

May 12, 2014
It was a long road to Lesotho, but also to this day, and all were so excited to finally see it realize, us included. We were so thrilled to finally do a “destination” wedding! We packed our bags, passports and gear and off we went to the Mountain Kingdom! We love our jobs! We were so privileged to capture Neo and Peter’s happily-ever-after in their home country Lesotho. The expanse of Mountainous views blew me away but also the love you two have for each other, Peter’s smile at his stunning wife will never leave my memory, it is so special, and I just know your growing...
Marcella & Eugene Engagement- Lonehill Park

March 17, 2014
Sometimes you meet a couple that is so perfect for each other, its such a beautiful thing to witness, and these two just fit that bill. I can even imagine them together as oldies 50 years from now, have every faith that this is such a lasting love. Marcella gave me a brief before we started that she was definately not photognic which I am proud to say is NOT true. 🙂 You are stunning and I cant wait to see the both of you again on your wedding day! Insider joke- I hope Marcella’s dad hasn’t seen these very romantic “grooming parlour” pics before I have to face hom...
Our Photobooks…

March 15, 2014
We changed our photobooks a little while back and I just wanted to share them with you as I think that they are so beautiful and we are so proud of them. We design them ourselves from your selection once you have received your disc after +-6weeks. We design the photobook layout and post them online and then after your sign off we have them printed. The printed spreads are mounted on 1mm hard board and the covers are genuine hand-stitched leather available in brown/black, there are many different sizes available but the ones pictured here are 20x30cm and 30x40cm (the 20x30cm is included in our...